Looking for a game? Here is an idea! Rather than starting a new thread (i.e. topic) each time you would like to announce what day and time you will be arriving at the park (CV), how about everyone just click reply to this (Golf Anyone?) topic instead? That way we can keep this section of the board nice and clean (fits on one page) and save our moderators the time it takes to delete a bunch of old / expired posts. And, since I have a checkmark next to "Notify me when a reply is posted", I get an email alert that someone is looking to fill a foursome (or what have ya). It's really neat how well it works. The system will automatically "bump" your "Golf Anyone?" invite up to the top of the page. This is just a suggestion so do what you will but for example, I tried to save a spot yesterday by replying to Bird's 01/18/2008 invite and it did bump me to the top of the page but it did not change the subject line so, at first glance, it appeared that my invite may have been from 01/18 instead of 03/20. Note to moderator, please feel free to delete my post from yesterday the next time you are cleaning house and if I have not mentioned it before, thank you so much for all the things you do to keep this board thriving. Thank you, David