Where are the ideas for the new club logo's? The deadline was the first and I'm curious as to what has been developed. Let's see some of those ideas. Also, your vice- prez and I went to the Parks meeting last night to keep in touch with what's going on and to let them see that the LDGC is still around and in the mix. I spoke to David Jones about DG and our need for another couple of courses and touched base with Mike Heitz and left our comments on the hopes we have for some new courses. I feel confident that we will see a new course or two in the future. Remember the work day at CV on the 29th. We will set a time with them soon. We NEED about 10 to 12 bodies to haul the steel down to the bridge sites. It shouldn't take all day so plan to do some work and then hang around to play a round or two. Another example of your club officers at work.