I just wanted to let you guys know, I talked to Bink the other day. He was excited to hear about the progress that has been made with the Parks Dept. and he has already got the steel ready for the bridge on hole 3. About the only thing holding us up now is the weather. As soon as we can, we will need about a dozen strong backs to haul the steel beams down the hill to the supports near the creek. We can then get the framework up for the bridge. We are waiting to hear from the Parks Dept. as to what kind of bridges they want around holes 13 and 15, they will probably be either wood or fiberglass. Be patient it will all come together soon, we've waited this long, we can wait just a little longer. I have had talks with the other club officers and we have made a decision to make DLG, Jim Ashton, Eddie Whelan and Bink Life members in good standing of the LDGC. I could go on about the contributions these guys have made to the LDGC and DG in general, but it would take too long, and most of you could tell me things I don't know about. It is a small gesture of thanks to some outstanding ambassadors of our sport, and the LDGC. Again, I encourage anybody out there who hasn't joined the club to do so. We all need your support, we have a stronger voice when we can show a strong sense of unity, the officials and potential sponsers we deal with are impressed by strong numbers and makes it easier to state our case with a strong base of support behind us. We will set up another open meeting soon, and will announce it ASAP. Those who signed the phone list will get a phone call so they stay informed as well. Thanks for your support, and hope to see you on the course soon. I need to get a bag tag.