I've been throwing this shot for a year or so now. I'm right handed. Grip the disc like you are going to throw a hook thumber, with your thumb under the rim. But instead of throwing that shot, bring your arm down and throw with the regular backhand motion, with your thumb still under the rim. Your first 2 fingers are on the top and edge of the disc and you're kind of pinching the disc. I've found a lot of uses for this shot. It allows you a several extra inches of reach if you are obstructed to try to throw around something. And you can get a suprising amount of snap on it using your wrist mostly. I've thrown hyzer shots over 300' this way with a Roc pretty effortlessly, but it's more useful in a touchy upshot situation. I think of it as a backand thumber. Another thing, my palm opens facing to the right upon release. The shot has the general form of a backhand and can be thrown with hyzer of anhyzer. It's just another option for tricky lies and is a more compact shot. Does anyone else use this shot? Has anyone heard of a name for it? If notů.

I hereby deem it " The Backhand Thumber