I still need some nice pictures to put in the banner at the top of the message board. They need to be at least 900px wide. I need seven total. The one of me at Freeman that is already in the RANDOM banner is great. The one of Martin putting is great. The one of Kieth is kinda weak. We need five more QUALITY shots. I have a few more at home but this is your all's (paying LDGC member's) site. They should contain LDGC members and/or Louisville Area course. So...a pic of Ken Climo playing CV would be fine...a pic of Sammy playing in Alaska would be great...a picture of Barry Schultz playing Lexington...that has nothing to do with us.

Send your pictures to: guyskankrye@yahoo.com

Please leave me a message here if you e-mail me a pic. I don't check that address often.