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Thread: Super Stupid Soft Wizard (Gateway)

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    It's STILL not going in the bag. I'm to hard headed to switch from Innova. It's pretty over-stable and REALLY bites on the chains due to it's grip. It loose some grip when wet and feels a LITTLE slimy for some reason to me. IF I added it to my bag it would be for 20 feet or closer putts or windy days and would be left in the car on a rainy/dewy day. I like JK Aviars (but don't have those in my bag either) but I think the Stupid Super Soft Wizard has a BETTER feel than a JK. EXCEPT when wet.
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    Jason hooked me up with these a while back as well. I threw the SSS wizards a few time and thought they were okay but i have still yet to switch it over to my primary putter. I am still using a super soft wizard that is pretty beat in and to be quite honest it is softer than the SSS putters. I like the though because they hole a fairly straight line for me and most always grab the chains if it hits the.
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