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Thread: [How To] Embed Youtube Video in Your Message

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    Default [How To] Embed Youtube Video in Your Message

    I wanted to show you the few quick steps you will want to follow if you want to embed a “Youtube” video to your post.

    I’ve added a button to the top right of the “Message Body” page to make this easier.

    First, compose the text of your message.

    Copy/Paste the link to YOUR video in the message body.

    High-light the link you just pasted and simply click the “youtube” button in the top, right of your “Message Body” page.

    When you do that you should see a code that resembles this:

    Then “Submit” your message and your done. Your message will contain the video that you specified.

    Please understand that the “{SIMPLETEXT}” that I’ve referenced with in the code above will NOT appear in your code. I used that as an example due to the fact that this is a variable that will change for EVERY video.

    I’ve attached a picture to give you further example of what the “Message Body” should look like in order for you to see your video.
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