We had our meeting with the Metro Parks yesterday and I wanted to keep the membership informed on the results of same. I think we made real progress, we are going to involve the LDGC in the "Adopt a Park" program but ours will be more of an Adopt a Course Plan. To begin, CV will be completed hopefully before the CV Open. That means all bridges and message board etc. I think we will be able to have a grand opening ceremonies with the Mayor and press coverage to open the tourny, and try to get some major coverage for the event. We will be walking the course with some of the Parks officials soon to lay out plans to get everything done, and the club members will be involved with helping get the work done. We made it plain to the dept that they need to USE us as volunteer labor to help maximaize their dollars and help stretch their budget, so we really need to have a strong showing when the call goes out for workers to help build bridges and other projects. We will go with the big bridge on hole 3 and it looks as if they will allow us to build wooden bridges around hole 14 and between 15 and 16. I think they are going to go towards Holes 1 thru 11 being ADA accessable and 12 thru 18 as not ADA ready. I believe we will have CV ready by the tourny. We will also be walking the IQ course with parks people to discuss what area of the park we might be able to use when we move some holes around. The course WILL be changed, it will all depend on what land is avaliable for us to use and what the final plan will be with MSD, and their plans to improve drainage around the pond. We will still have to wait awhile before we can begin to finalize what is going to happen with IQ, but we have their attention, and right now there are no plans to pull the course. We will also be making a trip out to Long Run Park to lay out our future plans for a new course out there. It looks as if that will be the location for a new course when it comes, and I believe it will come, in the hopefully near future. For now, we will concentrate on getting CV finished and then we direct our efforts to getting IQ plans finalized, and start pushin for a new course. I feel that we have re-established a good working relationship with Metro Parks, and I have every confidence that these things will get done. We have the ball rolling in the right direction, now the club will need to be prepared to stand up and make good on the promises that I made when it comes time to "Get R Done". We met with them for about 2 hours and DLG and I left with a good feeling about what we got done. I think we will start to see the results very soon now. Your club leaders ARE getting the job done and we will need the members to stand tall when the time comes. You guys asked for it , now your going to get it!