I'm looking at the dates for PDGA events and notice a few gaps. 1 week after the Pro/Am doubles I would like to hold a non sanctioned event at Charlie Vettiner. The cause would be to raise some club funds for CVO or other club needs. Here's the plan. I want to TD an event. I'll need some help, but with the crowd around here, I know I don't even need to ask. I think it would be cool to have a "Pro/Pro-Am/Am Doubles" at Charlie Vettiner on Saturday, May 17th. That's 2 weeks BEFORE the Charlie Vettiner Strikes Back and 1 week AFTER the FATPAD. I know there are many Am guys that wont be able to get a pro partner for the FATPAD, but still would like to play. I haven't decided if I want it to be a BYOP or a random draw. I think a random draw would be a bigger crowd getter, but I will only go off of your opinions. Use the poll. After a few days of throwing this idea around I will add another poll about other ideas like, Bring your own partner or Random Draw. CTP's or Players packs. Things like that.