I am getting ready to sell over 1000 comic books and was curious if anyone out there may be interested. I am trying to sell off some stuff to save up for a down payment for a house. I have one that I will be selling later this year but, some of you that know me know what is going on , I can't wait around to the house sells. Anyway, I would like to sell them "locally" instead of posting them on ebay if I can. You can post a response or pm me if you want to know what I have. Most of it is "Modern" but I do have some "Silver" and "Bronze" age stuff as well.

For those of you that are piqued with curiosity Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age refers to the year it was published.

Gold is about 1938 to 1955. Origins of heroes like Superman & Batman.
Silver is 1955 to 1969. Spiderman and Fantastic Four are created.
Bronze is 1970 to 1980. A lot of the writing is kinda of hippy and/or political. Same characters. Some war stuff
Modern is 1980 to now. Art gets really good and in the mid to late 1990s the writing starts turning from corny to more character developement and some of the main characters get really fleshed out.

Anyway...If anyone is interested or knows someone that is let me know. Thanks