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    Well, the foot is in the door. I had a short meeting with the AD's of DeSales and Fairdale High Schools today after work and layed out a short version of our plans for HS Disc Golf Teams. I feel good about the meetings, there seemed to be a genuine interest and I feel that we will get some interest generated. I plan to visit other schools next week after work. If you have a personal relationship with someone in your old school or your childs school , try to talk to them about DG. It doesn't have to be a club officer, just explain the low cost of the sport, and how it might appeal to those who don't have the skill or willingness to play other sports. Be sure to let them know that the club is affilated with the PDGA and we carry 2 million dollars in liabilty insurance. I have offered the club's help in teaching DG to their students and showing them how to play the game. Once we get them going, it will get a life of it's own. That is the future of the sport. This is another attempt to keep the membership informed of your clubs activities, and to let you know that your club officers are going to do the job we promised to do. Look for other items of interest and don't forget the open meeting on the 27th and bring a friend!

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    I bet Keith could try to get something started at Waggener and I'm sure that he could find some other people to play there too.
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