I’ve filled out sanctioning agreements and I’m getting our dates for the following tournaments:

  • Fling-A-Thing Pro/Am Doubles ~ 05/10/08 (TD - ???)[/*:m:372qn19e]
  • Charlie Vettiner ~ 05/31/08 - 06/01/08 (TD – Jeremy Watts)[/*:m:372qn19e]
  • Brandenburg Open ~ 06/21/08 – 06/22/08 (TD – Eddie Whalen)[/*:m:372qn19e]
  • Lebanon ~ 7/26/08 – 7/27/08 (TD – David Greenwell)[/*:m:372qn19e]
  • Fun Farm ~ 9/13/08 (TD – David Greenwell)[/*:m:372qn19e]
  • 28th Fall Disc Golf Open ~ 10/18/08 (TD - ???)[/*:m:372qn19e]
  • _GLO ~ 11/08/08 (TD - ???)[/*:m:372qn19e]

Sammy and Nate have both mentioned possibly running the ZGLO (or SGLO or XGLO or whatever it ends up being) and Mickey has expressed interest in running the FATPAD. I know Sammy has taken the test. Steve has a officials licence do you want to run something Steve? Mickey…Jason…Nate…are you still interested? What’s the scoop? If you guys can get these three under control I’m going to look into running a Muldraugh/Radcliff tourney called the “Gold Vault Open”. If Brandon is still interested I’d LOVE to have his help on this one IF it gets to happen. Let me know where each of you are (test status, preferred event to run, etc).