Your club officers had a meeting tonight(Sun) to go over the goals and set the agenda for the upcoming year. I think it was a constructive meeting that will set the tone for the 2008 season. The open meeting will be held on the 27th of Jan at 3pm. We will meet at Roosters on Preston Hwy, the site of the former Ryans. We also want a new club logo to start out the new year. We want a classy, artful logo that would be appropriate for a disc or t-shirt. We want to open the field for artwork to be used as our new logo. Anyone may submit an idea for the new logo, and the winner will be voted on by the club membership. The winner will receive a free entry into the tournament of your choice in 2008. The tourny must be one run by the LDGC, and must be a singles event not a doubles. Entries should be in color and should reflect our club and the community in some way. When the new logo is voted upon, we will have mini's printed up with the new artwork, and each dues paying member for 2008 will receive a mini for joining the LDGC, each member for 2008 will also be issued an ID card that will recognize that person as a member of the LDGC. Each member will receive a $1 discount on league play and a $1 discount on any disc sale. If you play in 10 league events thru the year, you have made your dues back in savings. We have set high goals for the upcoming year and we will need your help to see them come true.