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Benefits to Affiliate Club Membership!

- Current PDGA members on the Affiliate Club’s roster will be able to take the PDGA officials test with no fee.

- The club contact will receive a form for ACP handled PDGA memberships. The club will be allowed to discount $5 for each ACP handled PDGA membership.

- (NEW) For each club that registers by Februrary 1st, 2008, the club contact will receive 5 copies of each 2008 issue of Flying Disc Magazine! (Renewing 2007 Clubs that handled more than 25 discounted PDGA memberships in 07 will get 10 copies of each issue.)

- Upon receipt of the ACP fee of $25, the club contact will be sent one PDGA Course Directory.

- The club will also receive a forum on the DISCussion Board.

- Various disc sport merchants will be offering exclusive discounts to ACP members.

1) Discovering The World is happy to offer 10% off our extensive product line to Affiliate Club members who are also current PDGA members.
This offer excludes, D.G.A. and Innova baskets, our beginner package and any other promotional discounts. This discount must be mentioned at the time of ordering by phone, fax, mail, e-mail and off our secure web site (in the comments section @

- We will be adding additional benefits to the program as it grows. Suggestions are welcomed.