Who is in charge of updating the website? Is that Jeremy?

The reason I ask is that I took a step back after the posting issues that just occured and was looking at the website from a newbies point of view. (I was trying to clear my head.) I noticed that 3 of the 6 pages have out of date information.

The home page has 2 events that occur once a year each and that doesn't really help new people at all.

The events page has events from 2006 for both tournaments and leagues.

The join page has a sentence at the bottom about a monthly meeting at Jim's house that doesn't happen as far as I am aware.

If we, being the ldgc, want to meet the needs of new and experienced players I think that the website could use an update that would be more meaningful to players. The home page for instance could have a description of the club and what it is about. The events page could have it's links updated for that calender year, etc. A blurb saying that the discussion board is where you want to head to and get the latest information. Just some thoughts and suggestions. I have very little website programing knowledge but I will help where I can. My friend Rich, who plays disc golf, is decent at so maybe I can drag in his help too.