17 people showed up for the Dec 1 meeting at Jims.

The following items were discussed:

The LDGC has a balance of around $900 at years end, up 90% from 2006, way to go guys! An exact amount can be found in the treasurers report. These funds will be carried into 2008 and go toward insurance, added cash, website fees, etc...

There is still a need for people to take the TD test, the LDGC will reimburse anyone who wants to do so. Our goals for 2008 are for a different person to run each of the 4 LDGC events. CV is taken care of already by Jeremy.

The officers for 2008 will remain the same for the most part, as agreed on at the meeting, however we do need a VP. Sweat was nominated, but is reluctant. Any other nominations and seconds will be considered as well.

Muldraugh is almost done, thanks to the workers that showed up for teepad help. Another day is need to finish some work on the signs.

The LDGC has merchandice for sale, mostly discs. These will be available and various events at good prices.

Tournaments will be able to be paid for online sometime in the upcoming season. The PDGA is making a process that will allow for all tournaments to be able to be paid for in advance.

There is the need for a PR person. This is someone who will contact the media outlets and inform them of the disc golf events in our area.

That sums up most of what was discussed. 2008 looks to be a great year for disc golf in Louisville. Our 2008 LDGC membership drive will kick off at the first of the year. We will further discuss more details concerning this.