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    Has anyone thrown a Quarter K and/or its improved version the Cruiseline Quarter K? I would like to throw one. It has decent reviews on .

    I was on their website and they have a another driver coming out Dec. 3 along with a midrange and a putter.
    Jason Van Over

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    Tonight I borrowed my older brother's first run Quarter K to give a chuck or two... and right off the bat, I threw it 474 feet. Longest I've personally ever thrown. I've not thrown it enough to know whether or not I want to order one yet... but no joke, it'll keep it's momentum forever.

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    I have One. I love it... The plastic does get a little beat up, so I don't throw it in the woods, but it is grippy as hell. The more I beat it it in the more it turns over on me, at first it was long and straight, I have to be careful with it now. When I hit the sweet spot it's the longest disc I have...

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