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Thread: Clinics for School Kids..........

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    Default Clinics for School Kids..........

    Just a thought.........

    Larry and I were discussing this a few weeks back, and the more I think about it the better it sounds.
    If this is going to happen, we would like to get the Schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Churches, and Boys and Girls club involved.
    We would like to do this at the very least on a monthly basis, or maybe more often than that.
    In our eyes this would insure that several years from now we could have an A-Tier at more than just Charlie Vettiner. By introducing the sport to kids who would otherwise never find out about it, we could insure that the future is well stocked with serious disc golfers. Plus in todays school system they are all pumped about physical fitness, so what better way to promote that!
    This would most likely be free of charge for any kid who wants to do this. Therefore it would be done on a volunteer basis. Also to make this happen we would have to offer several different tiers of instruction. Ex. Basic skills, Intermediate skills, and Advanced skills.
    I'm all for heading this but it cant be done by just one person. I'm going to need the help of as many people as possible. The goal is to have at least 100 new disc golfers in the first year or two. It might be an awful high goal but I believe it can be accomplished.

    What I need to make this possible............
    anyone who has contacts at the schools.......
    Anyone with contacts in the newspaper, Leo, and any other local publication.......
    Contacts within the parks system, city government........
    As many donated used discs as possible (for beginners)............
    Volunteers to help with instruction (must be at least INT)
    Volunteers with experience in handling kids.........

    That is just a basic list of things needed to get the ball rolling. This probably wont happen until around March. I'd like to get all of my ducks in order before I jump into this.

    If anyone has any other ideas, or objections please feel free to add your thoughts!!!! Id like to here from as many people as possible on this subject!!

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    I've been at Iroquois a number of times when a PE class has been down there. I don't know which school it was and I'm not sure if it was a middle or high school, but that shouldn't be too difficult to find out. There can't be too many schools close enough to go down to Iroquois Park during class.

    My point is, if you can get in contact with the teacher at that school, you could use their sucesses as an example when you talk to schools, the scouts churches, etc.
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    I think it's Desales gym class.
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    it is - i spoke with the teacher a while back, while i was setting up the ace race at iroquois, sounds like some of the classes he brings might be into more instruction - i would suggest boy scout activities, possibly contact schools, about after school activities (a lot can be leaned just by throwing discs back and forth in a school yard or football field)

    advertise, advertise - make it known to the community - local bulletin boards, newspapers, get the news media to show up, make it a fundraiser for the club, or it could serve as a charity - throw discs with kids from wayside or home of the innocence -

    keep the program simple and fun - just as golf should be no more no less
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    Well put Martin!!!! I'll keep that all in mind.......

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    Innova has the EDGE program
    Discraft has a program
    Gateway has a program

    You may want to contact one of these companies for ideas and discs.
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    The P.E. class that goes to IQ is Desales. I know he takes multiple classes there. I went to high school there and they didn't start taking people to play until after I was gone.

    My mother works for the Bullet Co. school system and she has mentioned to me that their P.E. teacher plays and is interested in introducing the kids to the sport but doesn't have the resources to do so.
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