Last weekend I ran into a guy at Iroquois who had a Radar Gun. I ended up letting him clock me for 5 throws........
Crystal Buzzz = 52mph
Elite X Wasp =52mph
Elite Z Wildcat = 53mph
Elite Z XL = 53 mph
Champion TeeBird = 53mph

So here is my question?
Why is there only 1 mph difference between a midrange and a driver?
The gun is recording disc speed not arm speed.
On the other hand the other two fellas weren't as consistent with there throws. One guy was between 33mph and as high as 56 mph. The guy with the gun was more in the lower 40's on every shot. So with that being said can anyone give me a logical explanation for the slight difference?
Also does this effect your game in any way? Meaning would someone throwing higher speeds have an advantage over someone throwing slower.

Basically just give me some ideas as to what you think.
This might be a good ? for the engineer Jeremy!!!!!!