Alright….seriously….the Champion Destroyers has been all the rage lately. I’ve gone through 50 of them and just ordered 25 more and I had yet to throw one until today. I was practicing some long drives and rollers today on #1 at Meade-O. I threw three GOOD drives with my Tee-Rexs and Star Destroyers and had the closest one about 45 feet below the pin. A couple were pin high but about 50-60 to the right. Then I threw the CHAMPION Destroyer…WOW! I threw a BAD drive! I was trying too hard to get a ton of power behind the disc and this caused me to throw it a bit HIGHER than I wanted but I still split the gap over the road perfectly. Incase you are unaware, higher usually means less distance and more hyzer but, in this case, I still managed to land about ten feet right and short of the pin.

Then I threw it back toward #18 from the road above #2’s tee pad on a big D, trying to crush a mile, turnover. With Ryan Mullen as my witness I threw this disc further than I’ve EVER thrown before. I land about 40 feet shy of #1’s tee pad...about 100' from #18's basket. I don’t know how far that is but I know it’s far….down hill….but far.

I didn’t throw it but those two times so maybe it was a new disc flux but I will definitely be seeing what it can do tonight on #17 at Iroquois.

FYI…I ordered 25 Champions and 25 Prolines for the ZGLO! Hope you can get one if you want one!?! They’re awesome!

I haven't heard reports from anyone who bought one from me. How is everyone liking them?