What's the most useful piece of advise that you've been given in regaurds to disc golf? I'm thinking if we each post some of the most useful advise we've been given we'll have a great archive of tips and knowledge. Here are a few tips I've been given that have been the most effective.

Ken Climo's advise of releasing your putt with quite a bit of hyzer angle to eliminate misses on the right side of the basket has been VERY effective.

Dave Greenwell once advised me to keep everything SLOW except my arm. This slowed my footwork down and increased my distance and accuracy. He also told me to act as if I'm elbowing my target. This helped me achive the proper height in my angle of release.

Ken Reed and I were playing doubles one day against Butter and someone else at OCP. We were on #13 and I had thrown my hook thumb route over the trees and we ended up taking my drive as I had landed about 50 feet left, pin high. I had only been play for about a year and hitting 50 foot putts was not a common task for me. I threw the putt first and missed. Ken then lined up and drained the putt with out hardly a moments thought. So I asked "How'd you do that?" He simply replied, "It's NOT that hard." I feel like that was one of the greatest lessons I've ever recieved in this game. Everytime before I putt I usually mumble or at the least think to myself..."It's not that hard." It reminds me to relax and breath and throw it in because it's really not that hard.