But it needs to be set in stone that money is only an option. Not Mandatory.
Also it should be able to be refused by anyone. I'm not much of a betting guy and don't usually like to bet. Now on the other hand a friendly $1 bet is cool with me. Its more of a bragging rights kinda thing than a $1 bet.
I just don't want to get involved in something and have someone demand I bet $5-10 or even $15 on a round. I wouldn't be down for something like that. I do realize thought that a number of you bet quite regularly so thats cool, realize that not everyone is cool with betting. If it is going to be for Bag Tags that is all it should be.
Now as far as handicapping goes, I guess that is OK. At least there will be an opportunity for some of the lesser players to gain the higher # tags. But what if person A says he will give person B 5 strokes and person B disagrees? What than? Do you just stand and argue for 2 hours? I honestly cant see that working either.........Seems like there will be a lot of disagreements over how many strokes to give someone. Unless you figure out a way to do it according to ratings.
Just a few things to think about!!!!