Hello again! I just returned from 9 days in Sunny Florida. We only had one rain day (Wed) and the temps were in the high 70's and low 80's. Got to do some fishing and played DG with some locals at Okaheelee Park. Real pretty park with rolling hills and lots of water around. It is good to be home though. About IQ, it will be changed, we have no option when it comes to that. The parking lot will be expanded and the MSD is drawing up plans to change the drainage around the retention pond. We will be meeting soon with someone from the Olmsted group to walk the course and find out what land will be set apart for the course. Until then, we cannot make any decisions on what to do with IQ. As soon as we know what we have to work with, we will let you know. We have made great progress in our working relations with the Parks Dept. First priority is getting CV finished. Bink has already contacted me about getting the bridge for #3 finished. Letr's stay focused on CV for now and then move on to our next project. Keep your eyes and ears open for the opportunity to pick up sponsers for this years CV and other tournys coming up, but CV should be our showpiece I think. I have high hopes for coming up with a MAJOR sponser for the 2009 CV tourny, so keep your fingers crossed. We have to work on that now to get on somebodys budget for next year in the next few months. The locals in Florida wanted to say Hi to the LDGC!