Otter was before IQ for sure. I played the first weekend IQ was open, natural tees. Was there when the tees were built. Aceputt tells me that Steady Ed was involved in the design and layout.

I can tell you this, the current course does follow the same general footprint as the original. The holes are radically different than the original design. (Picture 18 hole #2's, some hyser some anhyser, etc.) Any nostalgic feeling towards what Steady Ed originally installed is misplaced.

I would argue that IQ could be redone fairly cheaply, IF and only IF, the Parks lets us do the work. We could pre-pour the new pads and pre-make the new tee sign inserts. Day before we move them, auger the new pin placements. In an hour or two with a bobcat, we could have every basket moved with a sign there. Pour new concrete, let's play!

If the Parks wants to do the work, forget it, IQ is just fine as is.