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    Lost Green Champion Leopard @ 16 on Radcliff

    A friend got his brand new, just purchased champion leopard stuck in the tree directly in front of the 16th tee at Radcliff. We spent almost an hour throwing rocks at it trying to knock it down, but...
  2. Lost Champion Purple Tie-dyed Beast Hole 8 @ Muldraugh

    Was playing during lunch Wednesday and my tee shot at hole 8 bounced off a tree and sailed off to the right of the hole. We spent 45 minutes looking for it without luck.

    My name and number are...
  3. Thread: Bed Liner Spray

    by Timb

    Re: Bed Liner Spray

    Cool idea. I'm curious to hear how it turns out. Ever the critic that I am, I'd be worried like you said that it would catch on my shirt and tear/scar it. I wonder if it would be feasible to leave...
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