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  1. Hey Jeremy. My address is 10208 afton road Lou ky 40223. Can you get the shipping cost from you to me so I can paypal you for two condors and get those and the ce roc for the dye job?
  2. Could have.
  3. Messages back from Martin and James. They say they don't have them. Do you think all of them sold?
  4. It must be James Mc. Already asked Martin and he said you. Thanks
  5. I do not. I believe either Martin or James Mc has them.
  6. Jeremy, Do you have more of the full color Feldberg Rocs?
  7. Got it. Thanks. I will let him know of possible options.
  8. We're going to do a player's party and putting contest at the BBC. You may want to talk to Adam about that.
  9. Jeremy,
    I looked in the CVO area but didn't see anything about a players party. I seem to remember something about the New Albania hosting again but now that I can't find a post I don't know if that is still on. I can't play in the tournament but thought I could help out with that if it is on a Saturday night and I can probably help on Sunday at CV. I have a contact with Steven Dodge at Vibram now since I was a play tester and David Mac may do something as well but I need some specifics before I get back to them. If you are interested let me know. Steven Dodge I know is big on putting competitions so that could be something if you do have something Saturday.
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