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  1. we are all signed up jeremy - now lets just hope the weather stays nice
  2. Yup...I'm in. Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner. I've been sick for the past two days.
  3. you get the okay for doubles - whenever you do let me know - i'll sign us up, they just got that online thing figured out
  4. To send a PM just click the persons name, then click "Send Message", and then select "Send Private Message".
  5. hey jeremy how do i send a private message?

    idlewild doubles team up for the open - im in
  6. i'll try and grab the water coolers we used last year - they belong to my church but should be all good - bring them to the tap room tonight
  7. Sweet Martin thanx! Everyone at the meeting thought we should stick with 18 holes and no extreme holes. 18 long....yes for pros and advanced.
  8. jeremy -

    i found a glo orc??? at the fun farm hole 4 -get it to you soon

    also did you all decide on the layout for fun farm?? 18/19 holes? - extreme holes? long 18?
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