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  1. jeremy - scoreport/scorecards - you got?

    want to have one for saturday

    or does nate or...?
  2. No biggie. Thanx for letting me know. Eddie wanted to play with me so maybe he's still avalible.
  3. Jeremy - hope this doesnt cause too much of a problem
    I'm not gonna be able to play in the KY doubles - I have to work that saturday
  4. That's fine. It's easier for me if they're made out to me (helps me pay the bills) but the LDGC is going to be owed money for discs any way. Either way is fine.
  5. Is it okay if checks are written out to the Louisville disc golf club?

  6. Is there any chance you could bring the water coolers this weekend? Also, those tents that you used for the fund raiser, can we use those at CV?
  7. I'm sure we could type something up. Maybe one of the clubs business owners like Nate or Sammy has some sort of reciept we can use.
  8. jeremy - do we have reciepts - for hole sponsors

    I need one for Liquor World and Up in Smoke - They both have said they will sponsor holes
  9. I didn't even realize Freeman is this weekend. Johnny WILL need the scoreports.
  10. I just need them for the CVO.
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