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  1. I plan on playing a few rounds at CV on Friday so I can help out with the sign ins etc...
  2. I will be able to help out both days this weekend at CV!
  3. I sent the order out today. Nothing special, really. KC and JK Proline plastic in the players packs is the most special item.
  4. Did we get a CVO order in yet, if so what goodies did we order?
  5. You got me on the pre reg list for the CVO and I'm not a PDGA member. I volunteered to help out at CV since I'm off of work and can't play.
  6. Echo Star Destroyers, Star Ont. Rocs, and Glo Champion Firebird-L's are really the only "special" discs we're getting (aside from the Glow Champion Cobras for the PP).
  7. What CFR's did we end up getting for the CVO and when will they be in?
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