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  1. Alright I'll put that one to the side for you.
  2. I suspect ill still be at iroquois by 6

    Should be a beautiful day
  3. I can meet you at Iroquois Park friday anytime after 6pm, if thats ok.
  4. $10 sounds great - have to check some more of the discs out when we get together -

    I'll be at Iroquois friday setting up the bag tag tournament this weekend

    I'll also be there Saturday - as the tag tourney is going on

    Or I can meet you up whenever - let me know
  5. Thanks, how does 10 sound for the comet.
  6. Vince
    Great pics - nice old school collection - sorry to hear your golf days may be bygone

    I would love to get the comet from you - old disc I used to throw

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