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  1. Great win today man and awesome job being the number one tag for the time being.
  2. it may not work instantly. i had to change my settings back to allow anyone to look at my profile. just give it some time if it doesn't or manually search for me.
  3. hey i found your water bottle. it was on hole 2 so I picked it up. also, i tried calling you and it still said out of service, so i don't know how you got through to me. so you'll have to call me about playing on thursday. Third, I played a few more holes after you left (which is how i found your water bottle) and lost monarch in the ditch on hole 11, so I would like to play at vettiner again thursday and maybe try and find that. it was buried under deep stuff.
  4. BOOM! If you'd fix your phone we could actually talk about meeting up. I played that Thursday that we had talked about playing together when you called the store.
  5. BOOM! Lets play again before I die...
  6. I got my pdga number up before you did...BOOM!
  7. Why? you going to play?
  8. signed up for the pdga at like 12:30am. lol
  9. here's a video of the demo to the playstation move disc golf game.
  10. check out this vid of old english.
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