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  1. Thanks Martin it just seems like no one is seeing what you keep putting! Also if your ever free for a round I'd like to play because you have so much know how and I'd like to pick up on that...
  2. Tommy on that 50 disc deal that's the first 50 that have a 1 next to there name
    So despite 40 + members on the list
    The disc giveaway list you are currently like 11 out of 50
    No worries - everyone gets what they paid for
  3. Thanks Martin and that stinks because I gave Nate my info that day but o well...Thanks again
  4. Tommy

    You weren't listed as being a PDGA member for the GLO
    You should be able to contact the PDGA to get ratings for that tourney if you want

    As for the gold vault - it is listed still as unofficial so I guess they didn't make the rating deadline

    So no ratings submitted - that's why you have no rating
  5. It's ok I will wait to you get the new tags the next time around. It is kind of late to get one now plus I like $10 bucks better then $! Thanks
  6. tommy

    i dont plan to sell any more this year as I am all out

    If I do reorder any - I'll let you know - they would be $20
  7. I'd like to get a tag if you still have some...thanks
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