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  1. Hey just wanted to put something n your ear and u probably know this already, but some of the older players were talking and just was hoping that the gallery for Climo, Nikko and so on was respectful and not crowding up on them at the tight tee's-holes. Hopefully people hangout at the open fields and watch and not try to be n there laps..... Just saying ,THANKS
  2. just offering my services for Sunday Sept 5 if you need me, let me know!
  3. I can help out in anyway come Sunday, but Sat it's the UofL vs UK game.
  4. Which of the remaining holes do you want?
  5. Jeremy I have the $100 I owe and I'm sorry I have not sent it, just procrastinating. I will give it to you at the tourny unless you need to get it before that.
  6. That shouldn't be a problem. I ask them to make sure it's cool with them.
  7. Hey Jeremy I have a question to ask you! Me and Bub were talking and would it be ok if we officiated the Fun Farm both days and Johnny and Diana at CV both days and that way both officials could see the pros play. I'm afraid we will not get to see the top players play and that is one thing I was looking forward to seeing. I don't think Johnny and Diana would care but I hope that it will not be a problem. I also think it would be easier for both groups and then the Greenwells would not have to drive so far away. Let me know and thanks.
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