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  1. Sweat!! Long time no talk homie, get yo ass up to the Patoka Lake tournament this weekend!! It'll be a great time just like the first year! PARTY!!

    take care, scotty
  2. Sweat, whats up. If you are coming up to play Patoka Lake and Old English this year check out this website. I know you like camping, its very close to the Old English course and its FREE! Just passing this along, if you need any more info give me a shout. See ya!
  3. Yup its $10 more for non-pdga member... what's his name? I'll need it so I can put it down...
  4. Hey Scottty b, I for sure am coming so sign me up and I"ll pay you when I get there. I want to get one of those free plays for English. I also am bringing a buddy and I think he is going to play rec. Is it anymore if he is not a pdga member?
  5. #20447 Advanced- I am planning on making it, but not 100 % sure! I will be there Friday evening if I get to come. Thanks
  6. Sweat, what's your pdga # and division and I'll put you down for the Patoka tournament. It should be a blast.
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