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  1. Hey Robbie,
    I will be at CV tomorrow (Sunday) after 1 (after church) if you want that shirt. I also have lots of putters now. Call me if you want tomorrow if you make it up there. 376-1265
  2. can probably meet you up there tomorrow or Monday after 5. Lots of family stuff going on this weekend.
  3. Shirt is in. Also got in some putters too.
  4. Hey Robbie,
    I ordered a shirt for you from the posting. Did you want two?
  5. Robbie,
    I need to make a correction after looking at the Gorilla-boy website. It is a Gorilla and not a Kong. I will drop the price to $50 instead of $80 if you are still interested. Sorry about the confusion.
  6. 502-376-1265
  7. can i have your number
  8. What day and tie will you be at CV? I live about 10 minutes away from there so I could meet you there to drop it off.
  9. hey may thanx i will take the bag for sure ill be at cv this weekend will u
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