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  1. Yes sir
  2. Just wondering if you still had those vibram putters
  3. Hey my number is 655 0758 u can come bye if yer in shelbyville. Also I'm lookin for a verizon cell phone do u no of any will buy or trade
  4. I'll be out near shelbyville later this week. if you'll be around I can pick up those discs.
  5. I'll take a look at who's going and get back to you
  6. No not really is there anyone that will be there I can get em to and will jus even up on them some way
  7. I won't be there, I've got a baby at home and can't play tournaments for a while. Do you play at any leagues?
  8. Heyy I will be at the punpkin bowl next weekend. U wanna get em there
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