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  1. BINGO I got them thru gmail. Kevin your the man... I mean um no no i didnt get them umm you may still have to come up and play Buffalo Trace
    Thanks a million and it was a pleasure meeting you at the CVO Sunday. Please do come out before the seasons over and play a round or two with me
  2. It may be my yahoo mail messing up. I sent a copy of the second attempt to myself and I got it ok. If we keep having problems I'll burn them on a CD and drive upthere and hand them to you myself. It would be a good excuse to play Buffalo Trace anyhow!
  3. I just sent them to your gmail account. If you don't get it soon, try checking your spam folder.
  4. ok how about a alternate email...
    I still havent received any pics so maybe its time to drop yahoo and try sending them to gmail
  5. I sent them this morning. I've had mail get lost on yahoo for as long as a day. I'll send them again.
  6. well Kevin I havent received anything in my inbox so if you have sent them please let me know. I have a couple other email addresses if that one doesnt work. can u leave me your email so i can make sure it makes it thru my spam filter. I checked and have nothing as of 11 19am Whenever you get a chance I thank you once again
  7. Not a problem. They are on the way.
    if you dont mind I know the website has a size restriction to the best of my knowledge could you email them you think.. I appreciate it very much
  9. Hey Shawn, I've been trying to upload pictoral proof of your caddying to greatness, but the server keeps making errors. I'll try tomorrow. I haven't forgot about you dude.
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