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  1. yeah, basket is no longer for sale. sorry i didn't get back to you, havnt checked my messages in a while on here. see ya soon
  2. Well I dont know what silence means so I have two choices assume you deleted the post because I said I wanted to buy the item up for sale or you dont want to sale it and tried to wave the Men In Black pen in front of my face to forget it ever happened?? Thanks anyway
  3. I assume the Disccatcher traveler is not up for sale any longer?
  4. Hope to run into you at the Gold Open or Charlestown if your arms better, but I have seen you play sick without sleep so I know you will make it if at all possible. Any advice for a first time tournament player? I know it will be a blast! When I win I'm saying you taught me everything I know!!
  5. Hi Scott I hope you enjoyed your cali trip. I went to Old English today and lost that yellow Champion monarch you picked me out at the BTO. you would not have any disc at all for sale? nothing estravagant just wondering
  6. Good luck at the CV Open this weekend Scott!
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