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  1. I am on vacation this week. I'm going to try and make a trip to Old English, if I do would you be interested in going? Again, I hope to find the time, not sure yet.
  2. Shawn, I am still planning a trip to Idelwilde over the weekend, maybe Tues. it's always calmer on a weekday. I will call you later in the week and set a day.
  3. Hey Shawn, somehow I got one of your discs in my bag. It is a wraith I believe. You might have one of mine in yours. I'm missing an Orion JLS. I get it back to you ASAP. Steve
  4. Call me if you head out to Meade-Olin, I will come with you and we can play a round and maybe I can give you a few pointers. My number is 955-9614 Steve Simpson
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