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  1. Hey can you repeat the name of the backpack you said the folks wanted to get ya was again?
  2. Shawn McGee
    9691 Hwy 150 PO BOX 71
    Greenville, IN 47124
    bagtag info needed
  3. Nah Martin that Firebird is brand new so Im guessing its a 12x since my buddy just picked it up around christmas. Ill have him check. If so would you have a new Champ Monster?170<
  4. you know if that firebird is an 11x - if so i'll trade something for it
  5. I will have to pass to rich for my blood,thanks anyway
  6. i'll have to check on the grooves from bowling green if i still have one -

    if i do they are gonna be like $25 a piece, have to check
  7. Would you possibly have any of the Bowling Green 2009 The Amateur Championships Grooves left? I thought I seen a few that day at Buffalo and would like to get with you on those if you still have any please contact me.
  8. Good game today Thanks again bro!
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