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  1. Martin, I hope to be able to make it by 4:30 tomorrow. I'm leaving work a few minutes early so we can try to be the first ones for the meeting and hopefully that won't take but a few minutes.
  2. When are you free Friday?
  3. Martin, put us down for 9 a.m. I'm good for ground crew, you planning on doing that Saturday morning or Friday afternoon? Also how many hot dogs are you estimating needing? 100? More? Just let me know.
  4. donations of the discs and hot dogs would be fantastic

    i'll check you two in for doubles - got a time you want to tee-off

    clean-up crew will be beforehand - garbage cleanup - marking ob's - and such
  5. Martin, on the clean-up crew, is that before or after the event? Either way I should be able to help. I think a have a disc or 2 maybe a champion Monarch and/or a Z Force. How many hotdogs are you looking for? I can get a case from Sams fairly cheap. As of now me and Chris Parker will be playing Intermediate Doubles, I may play in the PDGA round as well. Not sure of a time yet. Dave
  6. Hey Phalanx

    Im not sure when I will get to CV again - perhaps Friday morning
    I will be at Garry Cavan league tonight in Indiana - and I will be at Iroquois Saturday Morning to run the mini tournament.
    Call me get with you 291-5422

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