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  1. Roger, do you still have the scoreport displays from the Charlestown event? You also have my basket and PDGA CD. Give me a call sometime or email, the club will need the scoreports for upcoming tournaments. Thanks Steve
  2. Roger, I think you should put a post thanking those that showed up at Charlestown and a little about the results. Also, if you got any feedback from the Park Director. Steve
  3. Roger, just wanted to send you a short note to let you know that I think you have done an outstanding job in putting this event together. It is nice to see somebody that stays on top of things the way you do. You will make an excellant TD I'm sure. Once you take the TD exam, the LDGC will have another qualified TD to handle future major events the club might hold. See you early Sat. probably about 7am, I will have Sweat with me and he will bring a Ching basket, and I heard from Mike Antonnele (?) that he will bring a basket also.
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