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  1. Are you still going to Howie's event at Holler this weekend? If so I have a disc for Larry Bledsoe that I'm trying to get back to him. I work in St Mathews so I can drop it off at your store there.
  2. Thanks Ross. I really miss that disc.
    I always fly the winner of the CVO
    in town. Next year it will be Climo
    but I may still fly Feldberg in just
    to have another battle.

    Take care
  3. I was just surfing the nati disc golf site and they have one of your disc in their lost and found. Its one of the last disc on the list here:
  4. Thanks Sammy you rock!

    (Feldberg said you were one of the reasones why he did a free clinic after the CVO and everyone attending should personally thank you!)
  5. Happy Birthday Sammy!
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