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  1. Cool. Just waiting on Adam to respond and I'll post the schedule on the message board. Thanks
  2. winter league schedule looks good - i really hope we can include cv - im sure we can work something out with the allstars - for a sunday or two throughout the winter - perhaps...
  3. Here is a possible schedule. I've excluded CV due to the Allstars. If they decide to cancel we can add it to the schedule. Let me know what you guys think. If you don't like a certain week or location let me know. Thanks a ton for helping me out.

    Nov. 28--Nate--Jim Ashtons
    Dec. 5--James--Muld
    Dec. 12--Adam--Fun Farm
    Dec. 19--Martin--IQ
    Dec. 26--Martin--Georgetown
    Jan. 2--Nate--Jims
    Jan. 9--James--Radcliff
    Jan. 16--Adam--Buffalo
    Jan. 23--Nate--IQ
    Jan. 30--Martin--Georgetown
    Feb. 6--James--Jim Ashtons
    Feb. 13--Adam--Fun Farm
    Feb. 20--Nate--Muld
    Feb. 27--James--IQ
    Mar. 6--Martin--Georgetown
    Mar. 13--Adam--Buffalo--TIME CHANGE
    Mar. 20--Martin--Jim Ashtons
    Mar. 27--Nate--IQ
  4. I have a scoreport, but no cards. Jeremy is suppose to bring a port and cards. You will have to remind him Fri to bring them.
  5. nate do you have a scoreport? scorecards?
  6. Nate - Im down to help out with winter league

    what do you think of the multiple course direction?

    I can run CV - Severin - IQ - gotta be fairly local for sundays

    good sundays for me are

    Dec 19
    Dec 26
    Jan 2
    Jan 30
    March 6
    March 20
  7. What up? I know we talked a bit about leagues. Curious if you would be interested in possibly running 2 or 3 weeks of leagues? I was thinking if I got James, Martin, Adam, and myself to run leagues once a month we could team up on this. We will keep the time of 2pm on Sun. With the holidays coming we will skip those weekends unless one of you guys would like to do something that week. If interested let me know. Also let me know what courses you would prefer to have. I will work up a schedule for us and send it to you guys for approval. Thanks guys. Wish I could do this on my own, but I'm trying to get out. Boys are getting older and my time is getting more constrained.
  8. when and where is a good place for me to get you the fundraiser cash
  9. Way to go Martin. Don't think we can give you enough accolades! Let me know if you want to meet up so I can get that money deposited. Thanks again!
  10. Nate
    wed night leagues
    Jeremy Cordy/mully 41 - $40
    Martin Young/Nick Hamm 44 - $20
    Robby Wildt/Dave Bustetter 45 - $15
    Eric Rose/Andy Hall 45
    Brian Pierce/Mike Owen 47
    Don Lomax/John Adair 49
    Gregg Jenkins/Troy Eskridge 50
    Tom Pugh/Marty Huelsman 51

    $27 ($15 Club Fees, $12 Ace Pool)
    I will get the $$ to James
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