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  1. Do you need the scoreports, cfr discs wraith and rocs this weekend
    If so ill help them find there way
  2. He'll just stick it in the back somewhere for me.
  3. Fantastic
    I told him I would pick them up in the morning

    He said he had something to do by 11

    I'll call him in the morning and tell him to work a time out with you. Thanks much
  4. Yup...remind me sometime tomorrow though. I'll forget.
  5. Jeremy
    I am supposed to be picking up plastic from Eddie whelan tomorrow morning

    Wondering if you can get it and bring it up saturday - thereby saving me the trip to brandenburg and back let me no ASAP
  6. jeremy i understand

    do you have anything down that lays out how all the funding is going for the tourney so far

    fees: expenses, disc purchases, park rentals, other??
    income: disc sales, sponsor $$, hole sponsors, other??

    do you have a goal for the event as to how much we need to raise, extra cash, etc.

    other: working td's, volunteers

    needs: name it

    i am gonna get folks together sunday evening - and as a club we gotta get to work on this project
  7. There's no way I could make it this weekend. I am completely covered up.
  8. So do you think you could meet up Sunday evening
    Or at least teleconference or something
  9. i dont know - suppose i can always just do some one on one assistance somewhere -
    gonna add to the clinic post - if anyone can think of any other useful instruction
  10. What time/where do you want to meet tomorrow?
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