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  1. i mostly throw a boss, eagle, wraith. i could really use a new pro wraith, but i know thats askin alot.
    it honestly doesnt matter. im not hard to please lol
  2. thanks much - got them the other day - i want to send you something in return - what do you throw?
  3. sent
  4. ya i still got em. so sorry about the dealy. with the holidays and work. its slipped my mind. ive already got the box for them. i was gonna try and send them this week.

    unless you wanna do somthing different

    sorry about the delay
  5. hey nathaniel

    you still got those discs of mine, the aviar and the leopard

    send me your address, i'll send you a postage paid envelope

    thanks for finding those a while back -

    martin young
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