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  1. Do we happen to have any Voodoo's leftover from the all day CV event?
  2. She has nothing planned so I will be free all day Friday.

    I also have two bags of ice (can get more depending on what we need) and some three litre bottles of water. I don't have one of those big insulated jugs though so we might want to find one of those.
  3. Should be available all day but let me double check with the wife when she gets home.
  4. When are you free Friday?
  5. I might be able to help clean up Fri also if needed.
  6. I'm still interested in that TL if you have it. How much ya want for it?
  7. Happy Birthday man!
  8. I have noticed some people have the PM's disabled. To fix this go into your user cp then to edit options. There is a box there that disables the private messaging system if it's checked. I hope this helps!
  9. i do not - probably need to check with greenwell - i can try and get in touch with him if you can not
  10. Hey Martin, do you still have any Zephyr's for sale?
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