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  1. no problem - could you do something to add on the points and $$ leaders as well for the year

    what about the Charlie V ace wall of fame - maybe we can even add or doctor it up with an Ace Wall of Fame page - where players list their name, course, hole, date, and disc - catalogue our local players achievements (maybe - might be too much)

  2. You can update on the forum and I can just transfer it over for the time being. I'm going to try and make it where you can update it yourself but I can't gurantee that I can.
  3. nick - for the ratings updates - how did you transfer all the info - could i just continue to update on the forum - and you can move the info - or should I update through excel or the website or... just planning ahead - by the way it looks great
  4. I have to do all the updates for now but I will be looking for a way that the site can be updated by more then just me. I'll get Nikko's last name fixed, and I"m working on a drop down menu to add the local ratings/points.
  5. nick
    website looks great, works great, great work

    could you add the Local Players ratings as a link (say next to course records) - Can it be something I can personally update? Can I update the Course Records page anymore? On the records I belive Nikkos last name is spelled wrong.

    thanks again
  6. an example of that opposite thread read
  7. by the way the site is looking phenomenal
  8. how do i make posts sticky

    would like to it it for course records, pdga rating updates, 2011 bag tag list - maybe some other stuff

    i saw another disc golf board that threads ran in the opposite direction - so the newest addition to a thread was on page 1 instead of at the end of the thread on say page 6 - flowed really well - think we could do that
  9. nick can you match all the new 2011 members with there user ids for the site - so they have access for the members only section - i think this might be fairly important
  10. we should also list on our front page the hole sponsors - so everyone can see who is sponsoring and what gaps we still need to fill
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