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  1. Maybe. It will depend on what you are wanting for it and if I can afford it. I think you probably already got all of the discs from me that you were looking for.
  2. Jason,

    I wanted to let you know that I was able to get my hands on one of the Proto Simian bags. It is burgundy in color and is awesome! The built in seat is sweet. My only problem with the bag is that I carry to many discs for it. I think that I am going to end up going with a revo dual pack or dual pack lite. Having said that would you be interested in the Simian?
  3. Interesting. I made a couple of trades on discaroo so I could see what I like. I think I would like to get that $10 disc from you at some point in the future when the weather gets warmer.
  4. There are a couple of levels of wholesalers. I am not the cheapest because I would never do volumes of $4,000 or more. That was what Dave McCormick told me the last time I talked to him. An average disc price for me is around $5-7 dending on the plastic. The X-out is for high volume sellers usually.
  5. So you use the wholesale price sheet from Gateway? I have the materials from that. I wondered how much it costed to get a wholesale license to buy from them at those prices. On the sheet though they dont have were you can buy x-out discs. I think that would be a great way to try out some of their discs without having to sell out a bunch of money.
  6. I'm not totally for sure but evidently it has a better / longer flight path than a standard Illusion. I had Keith and Eric G throw one at a tournament and it went further than most of their discs (They throw far anyway but I guess it was far because they commented on it). I'm moved in so I have everything in one place now so the list I posted should be accurate. I can't find the Spirit though. I think I would probably sell everything at the same prices as the posting except for the Illusions and I would go $10 on the used and $20 on the new if you are interested in anything. If you want me to order something then let me know that too. I can beat any internet site usually. What I do for that is place an order for someone or multiple people and the people that order pay the cost of the disc, their share of the shipping, and $1. I charge the $1 to cover my time and for putting on my personal CC. I give you a copy of the invoice so that you know the exact prices.
  7. Why are those ones so expensive? I know you are in the process of moving so no rush just let me know what you have or maybe we can meet up a play a round once things settle down and the weather changes.
  8. I may have 1 or 2 spirits. I have some of the baby blue illusions that are hard to find. You may not want to pay the going rate for those though. They go for close to $30. I was holding onto them because of the price but would probably sell them for around $20. The spirits are around $13. They are both the original E plastic. I may have 1 assassin. I don't have any of the other stuff that you have listed but have other Gateway stuff like a Rage, Blurr and Blaze. Maybe a Speed Demon too. I would have to look. Everything I have is E though.
  9. Do you have any wizards, Warriors, Assassins, Diablos, illusions, or spirits? if so please let me know what plastics and what you are looking to get for them. Thanks.
  10. I still have some older stuff. I haven't gotten anything new for a while.
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