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  1. Awesome man give me a call anytime. Looking forward to catching up.
  2. Happy new year buddy I'm gonna call u soon
  3. What's up Robbie! How is the tattooing going?
  4. I have a contact number to Innova dealer distribution and jason vanover has the number to Dave Macormick who owns Gateway.
  5. heyy robbie here. Im thinkin of opeing a disc golf store i need some hook ups on hole sale do u no where i sould look. i need lots of help lol
  6. hey i was up diggin around and found a 179 stingray i looked it up and its a really old 1 it has a old style stamp its in really great shape with no ink on it its worth some money would u be int????????
  7. oh yes I am holding that bag for Ralph for sure.
  8. I may go watch. and ok on the bag is yhe red 1 still up for grabs..
  9. Glad to hear you were able to do the dye. Hopefully it looks good and the bleeding wasnt too bad. I guess I should have given you a different disc instead of one of my good ones, but I am sure that I will like it anyways. As far as the bag, Jason has already spoken for it. Sorry bro, are you or the rest of the boys going to be at the Louisville Classic? I am going to head up there after my race that morning.
  10. yea maybe how much. And i did your disc it bleed throw a lil but looks ok.
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